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Safeguarding and
Enhancing Your Business

Although services can often be seen as an afterthought, the benefits of including them in your sales process are considerable. Juniper Networks and Dicker Data is committed to working hands-on with partners to ensure quality of service from implementation to the long-term support of the network.

  • Juniper Care Explained

    Juniper Care services program is like a chameleon, adapting to customer needs and preferences, so they can get the support they need, the way they want it!

    Here’s how to select the service level which works for you.

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  • Juniper Renewals Explained

    We’ve rounded up the most frequently asked questions about Juniper Renewals. From what information you need to provide to get an accurate quote, to fees and Gray Market purchases.

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  • Juniper Inspections Explained

    Has your hardware support expired?

    See how you can bring your hardware back under support with this handy guide.

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Useful Resources

  • Have your Customer moved to a new address?

    Update your end customer information to ensure they continue to receive the same level of support.

    Log a ticket via the Juniper
    Support Portal

  • Serial Number
    Entitlement Tool

    Search for the contract status, expiry and service level based on serial number, software support reference number, or contract ID.

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  • Juniper Agile
    Licensing Portal

    View account-wide entitlements for you and your customers’ Juniper Networks products.

    Monitor usage and easily manage all licenses for hardware and software features.

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